The Canadian Methodist Historical Society

If you’d like to explore more about Methodism, drop in on, their annual meeting. In 1997, it will be held at Emmanuel College, Victoria University, in Toronto. You don’t have to be a member, you can drop in and sample a session or two. It begins on Sunday evening, June 22nd, with a worship service in the chapel, followed by an opening address. On Monday, well-prepared papers will be delivered on “Methodist Books of Discipline,” “Wesleyan Sanctification and Women,” “An Examination of Wesley’s Understanding of Christian Perfection,” and “The Ecclesiology of Enthusiasm: The Methodist Case.”

Dates: June 22-23,1997.
Theme: Aspects of the Wesleyan Tradition.
Contact: United Church Archives, 73 Queen’s Park Cresc., Toronto, Ont. MSS 1K7.

In 1998, they will meet in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with the theme “Methodism and Other Churches and Movements in the North Atlantic Region.”

In 1999, they will be back in Toronto to mark the Centennial of the Society’s founding, which should be a most interesting gathering, as the North American section of the World Methodist Historical Society will join them for the celebration.

The President of the CMHS is Dr. Marilyn Fardig Whiteley of Guelph, Ont., who is also one of the Vice-Presidents of the WMHS, and a contributor to The Historical Dictionary of Methodism listed on page 13.