Robert G. Woodside

Board Member Since: 1991

Connections to:                       


  • Introduced as a custodian in late 1980’s


  • Born into the United Church of Canada and a life long active member. Served in various capacities on Church Boards in several congregations. Currently attending Faith United Church in Courtice.



  • Not a member of the Old Hay Bay Community as such but have been active in the Bay of Quinte Conference for some time. With my wife Dale (also a Board Member) have been a custodian almost every year since the late 1980’s.



OHBC Activities:           

  • Summer custodian
  • Board Secretary
  • Past Chairperson of the Board
  • Maintenance and cleaning assistance
  • Built the current bluebird house in the cemetery and sandwich board signs





What Inspires Me:           

  • Welcoming descendants who visit from many countries
  • Discovering more about the history of colonial families here
  • Maintaining and sharing the worship tradition of this church
  • Protecting a part of Canada’s history
  • The possibility of participating and sharing in OHBC’s future