Rev. Dr. William McDowell

Board Member Since: 1977

Connections to OHBC:               

  • The chief significance of the Old Hay Bay Church for me lies in the heritage Methodism brought into the United Church of Canada and thereby into the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church

OHBC Activities:                       

  • Having heard something of ‘Hay Bay’, its’ meaning was sparked on my first time there, the Pilgrimage Service, August 24, 1952. After moving to King Street Church, Trenton in 1966 regular attendance at Hay Bay and participation in its’ affairs began and never wavered. I have been honoured to serve as trustee and in several capacities, especially leading public worship at the annual Pilgrimage Services on many occasions.

I give continuing thanks for the immense privilege of having some part in sharing the heritage of Old Hay Bay Church and what it represents