Rev. David Owen Jones

Board Member Since: 1996

Connections to OHBC:

  • Retired United Church minister
  • Life-long student of history

OHBC Activities:

  • Chairperson, Board of Trustees
  • Assisting with management of website

 What Inspires Me:

  • In a world with so much change, I find inspiration in a building that has been a gathering place of faith and community caring for over 200 years
  • I imagine the many stories of colonial pioneers and 19th century folks affirming traditions and asserting new freedoms, in both religious and secular life
  • How wonderful is it to see this humble structure continue connecting loyalist descendants and all adventurers, those coming from near and from afar
  • We are all part of Canada’s pioneer spirit – discovering what we have been given, we develop what can be, and we share for the good of all
  • At the site itself and in our internet presence, we invite everyone to be a part of the OHBC story

It is my hope that the Old Hay Bay Church will, for a long time, be a place for spiritual folk to find peace and renewed faith, for enthusiasts of history to learn more about this young nation, and for any traveler to receive a very friendly “welcome”.