Lois Yvonne Davis O’Hara

Board Member Since: 2008

Connections to OHBC: Descendant of Founders:

  • Joseph Allison, Henry Davis, Henry Hoover, Soloman Huff
  • Allan Ross Davis, great-grandson of Henry Davis (my Great Uncle) was instrumental in the reclaiming of and restoration of the church in 1910
  • I was confirmed in the Dorland United Church and attended regularly until I left home in 1957. For 5 or 6 years I was caretaker during this time and responsible for lighting the furnace for services and meetings.
  • Current member of Edith Rankin Memorial UC in Kingston

OHBC Activities:

  • When it was built, I was hired to “paint” the new cottage at the Old Hay Bay Church.
  • After becoming a trustee, Fred and I were custodians for two summers and thereafter have been volunteer “fill-ins” when a custodian has been ill or unable to complete his assignment.
  • I helped prepare an inventory of items in the cottage.
  • As publicity convenors, Fred and I have distributed brochures to hotels, motels, campgrounds in the Kingston and Quinte area. When the supply was depleted, we arranged to have a new supply printed. I also arranged to have some brochures translated and printed them in French. Wherever possible, I have submitted advertisements to newspapers and magazines who print community news (at no cost) announcing access to OHBC during the summer months as well as the Annual Pilgrimage.
  • When exploring the gravesite for Henry Davis, the dowser accidentally discovered burial sites east of the church. This amazing discovery has led to further exploration. When research is complete, we will know how many burial sites there are on both sides of the road.
  • Fred and I researched and ordered a suitable memorial bench in memory of J. William Lamb.

What Inspires Me:

  • I have great respect for my heritage. My ancestors played a role in the municipal affairs of Adolphustown township over many decades.
  • I have been a member of the Gov. Simcoe Branch, Toronto and the Kingston Branch of the UEL Association, serving as recording secretary in both branches. I was also an Associate member of the Quinte Branch of the UEL. In Kingston, I played a role in the organization of the 1984 Bicentennial UEL convention.
  • I am interested in genealogy and have done research on the following families: Allison, Davis, Campbell, Allen, Roblin and to a lesser extent, many more families.