James D. Smiley

Board Member Since: 2014

Connections to OHBC:

  • Ancestors and friends dwelt in this general area
  • Actively involved in Family History Research including UEL roots
  • Keen interest in the History of Methodism and its growth in early Canada

OHBC Activities:

  • Summer custodian with wife, Joan, for 4 years
  • Property and Building maintenance, where needed
  • Filling any other needs as determined by the Board
  • Part of the ‘website’ maintenance team

What Inspires Me:

  • Welcoming OHB descendants and visitors from around the world
  • Discovering more about the history of colonial families here and uncovering and retelling the stories of family life in the early years
  • Maintaining and sharing the worship tradition of this church
  • Protecting a part of Canada’s history

All of the above, but especially conveying the history of OHBC to the many visitors, making their time at Hay Bay Church as interesting and meaningful as possible, so they can pass on their experiences to others, encouraging people to make OHBC a priority in their travel plans.

Contributing to OHBC Board activities so the site will remain sustainable for future generations to come.