In The Next Issue – Volume 2

  • A report on the archaelogical exploration of our cemetery (see page 12), done in June, 1993. The earth reveals its secrets of two centuries, some only one foot below the sod.
  • ‘The Subscribers of `92″ series will recount the lives of William Casey and Joseph Clapp.

A feature article entitled “A Fallen Meteor”. Rev. Samuel Coate was a handsome, articulate preacher from New Jersey, who “swept like a meteor over the land and spell-bound the astonished gaze of the wondering settlers.” He served the Bay of Quinte circuit in 1796, 1797, and 1799, as well as being its Presiding Elder 1804-1810. His remarkable book of ornamental penmanship was published in London, where he fell from grace. He abandoned his Canadian wife, a niece of Barbara Heck. What a story!

So you won’t miss it, see the back page and R.S.V.P.