Etcetera – Some Words from the Editor

Historical research never ends-but it must finish. This issue of the Hay Bay Guardian has been difficult to wrap up as new bits of information continued to surface. A special thanks to Bob Freeman for his article on Arra Ferguson. We hope others may contribute to this journal.

We try to publish the journal in May or June of each year. As most of you receive your copy before you send in your payment, perhaps you would also include a note of what you would like to see in future issues, or suggested changes, criticisms, or commendations. Wesley Switzer of Brantford, for example, suggested an article about John Wesley and his effect on the Church of England, politics, and the working class. (Wow!)

I apologize for delays in responding to some of your letters, but heart surgery in December slowed things down for a while. I am now officially retired, and plan to spend more time researching and writing history, which is one of my great passions.

By the way, if you missed our Bicentennial Service in 1992, you are welcome to borrow the seventeen-minute video of it which Berkley Studios of Toronto made for Vision TV. Write to me at the address on page 1.

And in the NEXT ISSUE, you will want to read the amazing story of “Sir Charles Augustin Hanson (1846-1922): Canadian Circuit Rider, Stock Broker, and Lord Mayor of London” . . . and much more! J.W.L.