Elaine Farley

Board Member Since: 2015

Connections to OHBC: Descendant of founders:

  • Casper VAN DUSEN
  • Peter FREDERIC
  • Attendee of Addison United Church
  • Member of Athens Heritage Society re-enactors group, Bay of Quinte OGS, Kingston and area OGS

Descendant of Loyalist ancestors from Adolphustown and Prince Edward County area: Huffman, Dorland, Lazier, Parkes, Wannamaker, Peck, Weese, Babcock, Way, Fox, Roblin and Ruttan

OHBC Activities:

  • Summer custodian
  • Her husband Ray does general repair work on the buildings and grounds

What Inspires Me:

  • The awe that overcomes some visitors when they enter the church. The profound peacefulness is felt by many as we share in the “discovering of the history of colonial families here”, as we are “maintaining and sharing the worship tradition of this church while celebrating its place in Canada’s history”