Dale Woodside

Board Member Since: 1996

Connections to: OHBC:

  • Introduced as custodian in the late 1980’s


  • member of United Church since age of 4/5, served on various church boards in several congregations
  • Past member of Presbytery and Conference
  • Member of Salem United Church and Summerstown UCW
  • Currently attends Faith United Church in Courtice


  • visited the area as a tourist frequently and have been a resident of the church cottage for 1-2 weeks each year since the late 1980’s

OHBC Activities:

  • summer custodian and cottage kitchen consultant, worship leader at Board Meetings from time to time
  • looking after book sales at the Pilgrimage Service

What Inspires Me:

  • the joy of telling visitors about founders of OHBC and their strong faith
  • the fact that this wooden building is still standing with a story to tell.